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The electrical and wiring systems in your home are important. They power your appliances, your heating, your air conditioning, and so much more. When they are not working, though, you have a problem. When they fail to operate as they should, it is time to call for electrical service. For residents of The Bronx, NY, Diakonia Electrical & Construction Corp. is the company to choose. Our electrical service is affordable and efficient and will have your issues resolved quickly.

When you hire us for electrical service, you also get the assistance of an electrical contractor. Some benefits include:

• Organization—Organization is key when it comes to electrical service, and on any job we perform, our contractor will make sure all necessary parts and labor are accounted for, and he will also make sure to keep the project on schedule and on or below budget.

• Experience—The electricians at Diakonia Electrical & Construction Corp. are some of the most experienced in the area. A typical Bronx electrician only offers a few services, but those we send give you a wide variety of options. They can install lighting, appliances, networks, and telephones. They will perform meter and panel service to make sure everything is operating safely, and they will also do wiring repair and upgrades.

• Affordability—Our electrical service is affordable, and if you think our prices are not the best, we ask you to consider the amount of money that you would spend if you let one of your electrical issues drag out. If you see a problem blossoming, it is better to rectify it now, rather than paying a large amount of money later after the damage is done.

If you are looking for fantastic electrical service in The Bronx, NY, look no further than Diakonia Electrical & Construction Corp. Give us a ring today.

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